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The last forms published are:

2018 Xi State Essay Contest Directions

2017 Yearbook Evaluation

Related Personnel Flyer about opening for Treasurer and Executive Secretary

First timersPresidents


Order of the Rose


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  • Xi State Essay is due December 8, 2017
  • Yearbooks are due by December 1, 2017
  • Applications for Treasurer and Execuive Secretary are available


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Application Available

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Applications are available on Forms for Executive Secretary and Treasurer. Copyright:https://www.123rf.com/profile_garagestock

2017 Yearbook Evaluation


Yearbook Evaluations are due December 1, 2017


Xi State Convention

Ach Award

Make plans now to attend Xi State Convention in June 7-9, 2018 at Sewanee



Pictures from Xi State are posted on the Photos Page

Committee Sign up Form is posted on the Forms Page


Beverly Smith

Congratulations to Beverly Smith, 2017 Xi State Achievement Award Winner.


June Bowers

Xi State Organization held it Annual Convention June 1-3 at Sewanee (on the Mountaintop). Beverly Smithwas awarded the Xi State Achievement Award and June Bowers was the International Representative to the Conference.


Chapter Rules

All Chapters must submit their Chapter Rules once every three years for evaluation. The checklist is found here. To see when your chapter's next review is--click here

newChapter Yearbook Evaluation

The Yearbook Evaluation form is found here. Yearbooks are due to Dr. Beverly Hall by December 1, 2017

CIEC Contribution

See Xi State Contribution Form below.

newPersonnel Committee Accepts Applications for Executive Secretary and Treasurer.

The Flyer for Related Personnel openings is found here. Application is found here.

Treasurer's Forms

  • Use these forms to request payment from Xi State

Payment Request for State Officers and State Committee Chairs

Expenditure Tracking for State Officers and State Committee Chairs

Summary of Funds Collected

Xi State Contribution Form

If you or your chapter would like to make a contribution to Xi State, there is a form for that. It is found here in Microsoft Word.

Xi State Directory

To order or to get a copy of the Xi State Directory--fill out this form

newXi State Essay Contest

Directions and the Cover Sheet are found here. Deadline is December 8, 2017

Xi State Vision Foundation

Vision Foundation Grant Application in Microsoft Word.

Guidelines are found here.

Liz Whorley Bradley Application in Microsoft Word.

Guidelines are found here.

All Grant applications are due by December 31.



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